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Are people more likely to commit suicide during recessions?

Are people more likely to commit suicide during recession? Economic recession is an inevitable part of life.  Several major economies such as United States, Russia, UK and parts of Europe have experienced recessions in the past.  According to financial sources, several countries had serious economic crisis culminating in recessions in …

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    Suicide-Why do people attempt to kill themselves?

    ‘I   no longer felt that life was worth it’ says Mabel.  ‘I wanted relief from all the pain and suffering’ says   Susan a female student who attempted suicide.    Every year, over one million people die by suicide worldwide. When a loved one commits suicide, one is left with a bitter …

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      Airplane Pilots May be Depressed or Suicidal while Flying

      More than one in ten pilots may experience depressive symptoms such as loss of interest, tiredness, and thoughts of dying while flying, according to a new, anonymous survey of close to 2000 commercial pilots published in Environmental health. The study was conducted in the wake of the Germanwings Flight 9525 …

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        Depression-Signs, Causes and Treatment


          It is normal to occasionally feel sad, hopeless and fatigued. You most likely have experienced these feelings before. For most people, these feelings last a few minutes, hours to days and then subside. But when a person has depression, the feelings may persist for weeks, months or years. What …

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