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Is eating nuts more often really healthier?

eating nuts

Have you ever wondered if eating nuts regularly is healthier for you? Are all nuts equal? Should you eat some nuts more than others? These questions were recently answered in the largest study till date examining the relationship between eating nuts and health. The study reported by the American College …

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    Can eating spicy foods affect your health?

    Do you enjoy eating spicy foods? If so, this may mean lower salt consumption and better heart health according to a recent report by American Heart Association.  This is based on the findings of a study titled “Enjoyment of Spicy Flavor Enhances Central Salty-Taste Perception and Reduces Salt Intake and …

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      Health Tips: How to eat safely outside the home

      How can I eat safely outside the home?  That is a question worth considering. At a recent medical conference in Kenya, about 50 delegates had to be hospitalized on account of food borne illness. The sporadic outbreaks of cholera and other food borne illness in developing countries such as Nigeria …

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