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This Week’s health Quiz

Welcome to This Week's Health Quiz

Bad breath, birth control, HIV/AIDS, and  Generosity


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1) To stop bad breath, the best thing to do is:

2) Reading patient information leaflet in medication packs is important because it:

3) Worldwide, the most widely used birth control method among married women is:

4) The form of contraceptive that offers best protection against sexually transmitted infections is:

5) The commonest source of exposure to phthalate (which causes chronic diseases in men) is:

6) In which of the following conditions will giving make you happier?

7) According to the World Bank, how many people live on less than US$1.90 a day?

8) A healthier world would cost a 15-year increase in investments up to:
9) How many premature deaths would be prevented by year 2030 through investments in health?

patient infrmation leaflet
10) Persons living with HIV/AIDS  can have HIV free children:


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