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Top Seven Android Apps for Healthy living

In this digital information era we all need tools to stay fit and healthy.  For most people, smartphones have become an essential part of daily living. Gladly, several free, easy to use apps can readily contribute to leading healthier happier lives. Software applications go a long way in ensuring that your health remains a priority as you maintain your work schedule and keep pace with other personal or secular demands.

Several applications have been unleashed on Google play, iTunes   store and other platforms in the last few years.  A good number of health-centric apps can provide you with links to great sources of general or specific medical information. Popular websites like WebMD and Everyday health do just that. Others tools focus on active self-monitoring of important health indices like weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), heart rates and so on.

Understanding how these apps work and making wise use of them could reduce the number of doctor visits and deliver timely health tips that may save lives.  These are apps we would like to have on the go anytime, anywhere.

Our app toolkit covers different aspects of healthy living, from obtaining medically approved health tips to maintaining healthy lifestyles and accessing much needed treatments.  In selecting these apps, we considered the following criteria: how affordable and acceptable is the app? Is it user friendly? Is it evidence based? Does it complement other apps? Has it stayed the test of time?

Consider these top seven android apps for healthy living. Note that this list is not presented in any particular order.

1. Fooducate

Downloads-Over 1 million

User rating-4.3

How well do you understand what you eat? Fooducate really simplifies that. With Fooducate, you can really monitor what you buy. You can scan product barcodes which helps you select the food brands that are just right for you, even before paying for it. You can also type the name of a  food item or fruit, like apple  to determine calories and other ingredients. It helps you track food intake, mood, sleep and hunger levels, which are key   factors for healthy living.

2. Runtastic


Downloads-Over 10 million

User Rated 4.5/5

This app is an excellent fitness companion for everyone. It is a free personal trainer for running, jogging, walking and other fitness activities. It includes tips and tricks from professional coaches to help you attain your fitness goals. This ensures you have a clear path to fitness.

3. HealthTap


Downloads- 1 milion

User Rating 4.4/5

You certainly appreciate the value of having timely, expert medical advice. However, negotiating the health system may not always be affordable (especially if you are paying out of pocket) or possible if you live in remote areas. In many parts of the world, access to treatment is limited by low health workforce and dwindling resources. Apart from providing a rich library of health information, HealthTap offers access to a network of doctors with a broad range of specialties.


4. Lose it

Downloads-Over 5million

User Rating-4.4/5

Are you struggling to lose weight? All you have to do is set your weight goals and leave the app to do the rest. Lose it helps you develop an individualized and doable weight loss plan. The app gives you the tools you need to track food and exercise, plan meals, and stay motivated. One great feature is that it links you up with persons and devices with similar weight goals, giving you additional motivation to complete tasks. Like a nutritionist it helps you make healthy food choices by scanning the barcodes of food products. You can also build healthy recipes and share these with friends. The customized advice offered could be what you need to achieve your weight goals.

5. Sleep Time Smart Alarm Clock

Sleep tracker

Downloads- Over 1 million

User Rating 4.1/5

This popular app draws from evidence of sleep cycles to facilitate your transition from sleep to wakefulness. All you need do is to determine your wake up time and sleep cycle app uses your pattern of sleep cycles derived from signals from body movements to arrive at the most convenient time to wake up. This may be a useful tool in managing or preventing sleep related problems.

6. MyFitnesspal

Downloads- Over 10 million

User Rating- 4.6/5

This popular community based app combines a calorie counter with an exercise tracker. About 6 million foods are stored in its database. It  also has a database of over 300 exercise routines that cater to varying cardio and fitness requirements. Its flexibility ensures feedback is personalized and appropriate.

7. Lifesum

Downloads-Over 5million

User Rating -4.3/5

This app helps you make better food choices, improve exercise and reach your health goals. It motivates you to develop healthy habits and make it a part of your lifestyle. For instance, you can track your daily water intake and choose your lifestyle goal. It provides meal and exercise feedback which helps monitor your progress.

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