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Are people more likely to commit suicide during recessions?

Are people more likely to commit suicide during recession? Economic recession is an inevitable part of life.  Several major economies such as United States, Russia, UK and parts of Europe have experienced recessions in the past.  According to financial sources, several countries had serious economic crisis culminating in recessions in …

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Depression screening Test

Depression is a mood disorder that is characterized by the persistent feelings of sadness, tiredness/loss of strength and loss of interest in pleasurable activities. Globally, it is estimated that 350 million people suffer from depression. For more information about depression or other mental health topics click here. This depression screening …

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What You Must Know about Bipolar disorder

‘I think, move and speak fast whenever I have an episode of bipolar’ says Debbie. ‘At other times I just withdraw from everyone and lose interest in things,’ she added. ‘People tell me I become more   lively, do and say things that make them laugh, then appear sad, down and …

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Depression-Signs, Causes and Treatment

It is normal to occasionally feel sad, hopeless and fatigued. You most likely have experienced these feelings before. For most people, these feelings last a few minutes, hours to days and then subside. But when a person has depression, the feelings may persist for weeks, months or years. What Is …

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