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Does having a Pot belly increase the risk of Cancer? 


“A pot belly is a red flag for cancer,” reports the Mail Online after a new study found an increase in waist circumference carries similar risks for developing cancer as raised body mass index (BMI). The study used data from several European studies of more than 43,000 adults aged around 63, who were then followed up for 12 years.Researchers found for every 11cm increase in waist circumference, the overall risk of getting one of 10 types of obesity-related cancers (such as kidney and liver cancer) increased by 13%. The increase in risk was higher for colorectal cancer, at 22%. This was a large study that took into account a number of factors known to cause cancer, such as smoking. 

But it also overlooked other important factors, such as whether participants had any other medical condition, their medication use, or other previous treatments. This reduces the reliability of the results.

Nevertheless, the findings are in line with other research, which shows excess weight increases the risk of certain cancers. Read more at NHS


What you should know about Potbellies

What is a potbelly? This refers to a large, swollen or protruding belly. It naturally develops as a person grows older. Although most people build up fat around the hips, fat can easily build up around the waist line too, giving an individual an apple shaped figure. Unlike hip fat, which is lodged beneath the skin, belly fat occurs deep within the abdomen.

What causes Potbellies?

It is usually associated with excessive weight gain. So, overweight and obese persons often have pot bellies too. Sometimes, potbelly is due to weak abdominal muscles. Genetics also play a role in determining where fat deposits occur in the body. Some persons are more likely to have expanded waistlines because of genetic factors that lead to fat build up around the intestines. Have you seen some relatively thin individuals with potbellies? That’s probably inherited.


What medication conditions are associated with pot bellies?


Heart disease


Type 2 diabetes

Gall bladder problems


Erectile dysfuntion

Metabolic syndrome


How can you get rid of potbelly?

You will need to make changes in your lifestyle to reduce belly fat.

This involves making healthier food choices and watching your calorie intake. Reduce food portions, especially high fat meals while increasing fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks like nuts. Avoid drinks such as sweet tea, alcohol, fruit juices and soft drinks. A can of beer contains 150 calories. This is why heavy drinkers often have potbellies.

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You will also need to become more active physically. It’s been recommended that adults should get 150 minutes of moderate activity (it should make you sweat) or 75 minutes of vigorous activity every week. Aerobic exercise should be combined with moderate weight training. Consistency is the key. Never give room to prolonged periods of inactivity. Do not limit it to sit-ups only.

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Of course, not everyone can get a six pack. Nevertheless, reducing belly fat is worthwhile. This new study linking pot bellies to cancers is additional motivation for making lifestyle changes.

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