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Nigerian woman delivers Six babies after 17 years of infertility


Adeboye and Ajibola Taiwo had tried for 17 years to start a family. Now, they’re the parents of sextuplets — three boys and three girls, all in good condition and absolutely adorable.

The babies were delivered by cesarean section at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center in Richmond on May 11.

For nearly two decades, Ajibola Taiwo, a native of Western Nigeria, and her husband Adeboye had tried but failed to conceive.

In November, they were elated to hear four heartbeats at their first ultrasound.

At a follow-up appointment in early 2016, the couple found out they were actually expecting sextuplets.

“I was excited,” Adeboye Taiwo said. “For the very first time we were expecting.”

Immediately after the couple learned they will be having six babies, a 40-person team started doing delivery drills and resuscitation exercises to make sure everything went smoothly on the big day. Read More at CNN.

Facts About having Multiple babies from same pregnancy

Multiple births occur infrequently. They are called twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, sextuplets, sextuplets or octuplets depending on the number. 

Less than 200 cases of sextuplets have ever been reported worldwide.

The chances of survival decrease with higher births and depend on resources available. No complete set of octuplets has ever survived.  In 1998, another Nigerian couple,  Ike and Nkem Chukwu had octuplets. Sadly, the smallest died after one week.

However, there are 6 sets of sextuplets in US only. With the arrival of the Taiwo sextuplets, this is now 7.

Nigerian couples are well known for their tendency to have multiple babies. In fact, a Nigerian town, Igbo-Ora is known as “land of Twins” because of the unusually high rate of twin births. This is four times higher than the general population.

Almost all sextuplets occur in the context of fertility treatments due to use of ovulation stimulating drugs.

The pregnancy usually runs for 29 weeks. The mother may gain an astonishing 45kg before delivery.

Apart from 3 cases, all deliveries have been by Caesarean section. The babies may not all be born on same day. In fact, some have been born two weeks apart. 




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