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Baby born with unusually large head successfully undergoes surgery

A 21 month old Pakistani baby born with an extra large head has successfully undergone the first of a series of surgeries to correct the abnormal head size. The baby had what is called hydrocephalus which saw his head increase to about 73cm (larger than a man’s head which is about 56cm).

As a result of the condition, the baby could not close his eyes during sleep, move his head and had to be confined to bed on account too.

The baby’s parents, Mr and Mrs Faisal had appealed for help after they were told the baby had only a few months to live if they couldn’t afford surgery. They had almost given up when a ”good Samaritan’ offered to fly them all the way to the U.S  in order to have the surgery done.

According to the mother Mrs Faisal, ‘That was the turning point. That renewed our faith in humanity, in God and in ourselves to win this fight.’ ‘We will never be able to repay our anonymous benefactor or thank him enough’

‘We hope and pray to see Ibtisam standing up on his feet with a smile on his face and I want to see him flourish next to his twin brother.’

‘We have a long road to recovery and normalcy.’

‘We are requesting prayers for him from all around the world so that he can recover from these surgeries and one day be able to come running into my arms, just like his twin brother does now.’ she added.

Doctors had earlier made a diagnosis of craniosynostosis because his skull bones closed prematurely while he was in the womb. Unfortunately, he later had meningitis which may have explained the rapid accumulation of fluids in the head-a condition known as Hydrocephalus. Read more at  Mail online.

What is Hydrocephalus?

In hydrocephalus, there is an excessive build-up of fluid on the brain. This puts pressure on the brain resulting in permanent damage, paralysis and death, if untreated. Headaches and blurred vision are some of the common problems. It causes an unusually large head which may be present at birth or occur during childhood due to infections or tumours. Treatment involves draining excess fluid via a shunt connected to the the brain cavity.


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