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About Us

HealthX24.com delivers accurate, up to date and actionable health information in a simple, easy to understand manner.  We aim to provide evidence based information to consumers, doctors, nurses and other health workers that need credible information to make important health decisions daily.

HealthX24 covers a wide range of topics, including common health conditions, nutrition, fitness, pregnancy, mental health, sex and relationships. Our medical content, health news and tips are reviewed by health experts with decades of experience in the field and drawn from reliable scientific journals.

We interview doctors, patients and carers to produce original and practical content that promotes healthier and  happier lives in difficult times.

We are committed to ensuring editorial integrity and independence from our commercial partners.

We know that health is a very personal and private matter. Therefore, we maintain a strict privacy and confidentiality policy.

HealthX24 does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Better Information, Healthier Lives!


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